October 22, 2015

State Philharmonic Hall

Baku, Azerbaijan

On the occasion of the week of Italian Language in the World, celebrated every year in the month of October, and the 750th Anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s birth (Florence May 22 / 1265 - Ravenna September 14, 1321) creating a cross-connection between music, poetry, art and history we decided to realize a sort of a dialogue between the two poets Dante and Fuzuli (both recognized among the greatest representative of poetry and culture of Italy and Azerbaijan) in order to enforce a mutual understanding and so promote the most high cultural values that unite these two countries.



Variety of styles and genres of music: it ranges from the piano piece only to that for Piano and Orchestra, choir and orchestra until the grand finale song for Chorus and Large Orchestra;

Contemporary historicity and feedback related to the figure of Dante: performance of pieces by Liszt, composer of the nineteenth century; Kamalia Ali-Zadeh and Stefano Muscaritolo, contemporary composers from the respective countries Italy and Azerbaijan;

Focus Cultural Interchange: playing a song titled "Dante in Venice" - written by the Azerbaijani composer Kamalia Ali-zadeh, and the song "A dialogue with Fuzuli" written on a text of the Azerbaijani poet (translated into English), written by the Italian composer Stefano Muscaritolo.


Musical Programme

Franz Liszt Fantasia quasi Sonata: Apres une Lecture de Dante for Piano

(1811 – 1886) (duration 18 min.)

Stefano Muscaritolo A Dialogue with Fuzuli (Lyrics by M. Fuzuli) for Soprano, Baritone and Orchestra

(b. 1980) (duration 7 min.)

Kamalia Ali- Zadeh Dante a Venezia (2014) for Orchestra

(b. 1978) 1. Le maschere di Venezia, 2. Il Ponte dei Sospiri, 3. Carnevale a P.za S. Marco, 4.

Waltz, 5. Basilica di S. Marco, 6. Menuetto

(duration 20 min.)

Franz Liszt Dante Symphony for Soprano, Contralto, Female Chorus and Large Orchestra

(1811 – 1886) 1.Inferno, 2.Purgatorio, 3.Magnificat

(duration 55 min.)


“U. Hajibeyov” Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra and Choir (Azerbaijan)

Nargiz Aliyarova – Piano (Azerbaijan)

Pierluigi Destro – Conductor (Italy)

Farida Mammadova - Soprano (Azerbaijan)

Ilham Nazarov - Baritone (Azerbaijan)