Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, the Delegation of European Union to Azerbaijan, in collaboration with United Cultures,   organized the first edition of Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival aimed to promote the values of the intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

Imagine Euro Tolerance Festival was held in Baku from 12 to 20 October 2017 and presented a dense calendar of events: musical performances, debates and discussions, film screenings, photo and video contest, art exhibitions and more.

Particularly relevant was the cinema section. 15 European documentary films on the theme of tolerance and diversity have been presented in the framework of DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival. DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival brought a selection of distinguished non-fiction and documentary films from all around the world to Azeri audiences. The main theme of this first edition’s festival was Testing Reality where various new approaches to social and cultural matters will be explored. 

The collaboration between Imagine and DokuBaku gave life to an extraordinary event, that will allowed people to enjoy more than 30 movies from 20 countries, in conventional and non-conventional cinema halls and cafes around Baku.

In addition to exposing Azerbaijani audience to the documentary genre, the festival has supported local documentary filmmakers by encouraging the production and screening of local films. Film screenings have complemented with discussions and debates on various social issues with the participation of local and international film professionals. 

Imagine and DokuBaku created an opportunity for the local artists and filmmakers to participate in these festivals. Imagine has launched a photo/video contest on the theme of tolerance, while DokuBaku has announced a call for submissions of short documentaries by Azerbaijani directors living in the country and abroad for its competition program.

The initiative was supported by Turkish Airlines,The LandMark Hotel, Park Cinema, Baku Media Center,Asan radio 100 fm,Yarat Freestyle.

With the Partecipation of :
Embassies of Eu Member States, Embassy of Switzerland,Embassy of Norway,Embassy of Peru,Embassy of Israel,Embassy of Mexico,Embassy of Argentina,Embassy of Cuba,Embassy of Brazil.